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Autobiography of Honorary Consuls and Brief description about the countries they represent

นายจิระ  รัตนะรัต
Honorary Consul of the Kingdom Morocco
To the Kingdom of Thailand

Nationality          : Thai
Year of Birth        : June 3, 1940
Marital Status     : Married
Name of Spouse : Khunying Thongtip
Education            : Dipl.lng.Stuttgart University Stuttgart,Germany
Present  : Managing Director,The Siam chemicals Public Co., Ltd.
General Mangaer, The Siam Fine Chemicals co., Ltd.
Chairman,Phoenic Petroleum Co., Ltd. (Lube Oii “ MAIMA”)
Chairman, Si-Chang Flying Services Co., Ltd. (Helicopter Operator)
Chairman, Thai Public Port Co., Ltd.
Director, Southern Oxygen Co., Ltd.
Managing Director, The Siam chemicals Polymer co., Ltd.
Chairman, Future Energy Co., Ltd. (Bio-Diesel)
Former    : Factory Manager, The Siam chemicals Public Co., Ltd.
Lecturer, King Mongkut lnstitute of Technology
Advisor, Naliert co., Ltd. (City bus Operator)
Advisor, Thai Navy Defence
Advisor, Thai Army Defence
Advisor, Thai Air force Defence
Director, The Polytrate Co., Ltd. (Trading)
Director, Air chemical Co., Ltd. (Carbon dioxide gas)
Founder, Thai Public Port (Tank and Terminal)
Founder, The Siam Solvent Co., Ltd. (Refinery)
Founder, The Siam Ocean Maritime Co., Ltd. (Ships and Oil tankers fleet)  
Founder, Siam Kiriboon Co., Ltd. (Telecom)
Founder, The ITL Singapore (Oil Trading)
Founder, Petrochain Co., Ltd. (Oil Refinery)

Residence     :     20 Sukumvit 47, Sukumvit Road, Klongtannua, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Family  : Khunying Thongtip Ratanarat married (1969)
Mr. Tisanu Ratanarat Son (1974)
Mr. Sichart Ratanarat Son (1976)
Mr. Porapong Ratanarat Son (1982)
Contract Addrees  : The Siam Chemicals Public Co., Ltd.
26/36-37 11th  Fl., Orakarn Bldg., Chidlom Rd., Ploenchit,
Bangkok Thailand 10330 Tel & Fax: 66 2 2551809
E-mail :

Country overview


King         : His Majesty the King Mohammed VI
National Day  : July 30
Population      : 31.2 million (July 2002 estimate)
Ethnic Groups :  Arabs, Berbers
Religion   : Islam
Language    :       Arabic (official), Berber dialects,French (business language), Spanish(used in the North)
Location  : Northwest Africa
Size          : 710,850 sq.m. (3500 km. coastline)
Capital City    : Rabat
Climate    : Mediterranean, More extreme in the Interior than on the coast, The average temperature is 16-23 Degree Celsius on the west coast and  10-27 degree Celcius in the interior


Currency   :    Dirham (DH)
Exchange Rate  : DH 8.9/ USD 1
GDP           :    USD 2.62 billion (2003)
Growth Rate      : 5.2% (2003)
Export Partners : France, Spain, United Kingdom, ltaly Germany, United States, Japan
Import Partners : France, Spain, United Kingdom, ltaly Germany, United States, Saudi Arabia
Industries and Major Exports : Phosphates, Fertilizer, chemicals,Fruits and Vegetables, Sea Products, Garments
Major Imports     :        Oil, Wheat, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Wood

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